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A look at our Pre-War properties featured in films and television series


Astor Films’ portfolio of buildings offers residential and commercial locations in NYC for media, film shoots, TV, photography and event production. A vast variety of classic to modern spaces and locations can be used as sets, studios or sound stages.

Our buildings have a magnificent history with residents from Hollywood, TV, radio and Broadway. From Faye Dunaway to Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Kathleen Turner, Jennifer Lawrence and Susan Sarandon, to Basil Rathbone, Shelly Winters and Dick Clark, to Frank Langella, Edward Amuro and Roberto Rosselini, just to name a diverse few, the greatest of talent have lived within our beautiful residences. Stories abound of Mick Jagger at parties with Imelda Marcos, Rod Stewart to Andy Warhol, our buildings have never been short on intrigue and the remarkable. No better place to manage and steward one’s creative ventures knowing that so many talented greats have looked favorably upon these walls.


Our spaces provide the full range of spatial experience, luxury and authentic Pre-War properties to alleyways, rooftops, fire staircases and residences. Extremely high end newly constructed apartments and spaces along with impeccably preserved space dating back to 1905 are available.

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